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      Project type
      Technologies Emergentes pour l'Internet des Objets [1]
      TeraHertz end-to-end wireless systems supporting ultra high data Rate applications [1]
      TERAhertz high power LINKS using photonic devices, tube amplifiers and Smart antennas [1]
      Tester l'hypothèse du ménage à trois [2]
      Textiles connectés pour les communications autour du corps humain [3]
      The authors acknowledge GSK for kindly donating the Kineto Boxes compounds (aka TCKAS) for biological testing and the COST action CM1406 (Epigenetic Chemical Biology) for support. [1]
      The authors acknowledge the support and the use of resources of the French Infrastructure for Integrated Structural Biology FRISBI ANR-10-INBS-05 and of Instruct-ERIC. We wish to thank members of the ESRF-EMBL joint structural biology groups and the SOLEIL synchrotron for the use of their beamline facilities and for help during data collection. We are grateful to Pierre Legrand (SOLEIL) for his kind assistance for data processing [1]
      The authors are grateful to Jennifer Samaillie (Institut Charles Viollette), Severine Mahieux (INSERM U995), Maude Bourlet (Pharmacognosy Research Group, UCL) and Mike Howsam (CUMA) for their skilful technical assistance. The authors wish to thank platforms of CUMA (University of Lille 2, Pr. J.F. Goossens) and LARMN (University of Lille 2, Pr. N. Azaroual) for access to equipment [1]
      The authors are grateful to M. Deckmyn for contribution to the collection of patients' epidemiological, clinical, mycological, and therapeutic data. [1]
      The authors are indebted to the patients who accepted to participate and to all physicians who took care of them. They also acknowledge the help of ICTA (Fontaine-lès-Dijon, France) and Axonal (Nanterre, France) for data collection. Our gratitude to the personnel of URCEST (Assistance Publique des Hôpitaux de Paris and University Paris 6). Special thanks to Vincent Bataille, PhD, (ADIMEP, Toulouse) for data management, Benoît Pace (Société Française de Cardiologie) who designed the electronic CRF, and to Geneviève Mulak, Pharm D. and Nicole Naccache, Pharm D. (Société Française de Cardiologie) for their help, and to Elodie Drouet, MSc, who supervised patient follow-up [1]
      The authors are particularly grateful to Dr Fabrice Soncin and all members of our laboratories for providing tools, helpful discussions and comments. [1]
      The authors are thankful to Department of Health Research, Ministry of Health and Family welfare, Government of India, for providing post-doctoral overseas training fellowship to P. Chowdhury. The authors are also thankful to Director, TTRI and Secretary, TRA for their support to implement the research fellowship grant. [1]
      The authors highly acknowledge M. Moya‐Nilges (Imagopole, Institut Pasteur) for TEM investigations. [1]
      The authors thank all the clinicians from the three hospitals for their cooperation in collecting sputum samples and clinical data. The authors would like to thank Carolyn Engel-Gautier for English editing. [1]
      The authors thank American Journal Experts for their English editing of the present work and Maxime Lemoine (UTML engineer assistant) for the technical support for figures. [1]
      The authors thank Athena Aktipis and the three anonymous reviewers for their helpful comments on the article. [2]
      The authors thank Boris Schmid and Nils Stenseth for very useful discussion and comments on an earlier version of this manuscript. [1]
      The authors thank Bruno Mallet. [1]
      The authors thank Dr David Fraser for editorial assistance and B Hourdouillie for extracting the page connection times. [1]
      The authors thank Dr Philippe Desprès, Dr Volker Thiel and Dr Feng Zhang for providing viruses and plasmids. Some data were generated with the help of the imaging core facility of the Institut Pasteur de Lille (BICeL). [1]