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      We thank S. Herwegh and R. Courcol (M.D. PhD) for the authorization to process infected samples into the biosafety level 3 laboratory of the institute of Microbiology. We also thank P. Ramon (M.D.) for control BAL samples. [1]
      We thank S. Ung and A. Pillez for their technical assistance. We are grateful to S. Levy, J. McKeating, E. Rubinstein, T. Pietschmann, J. Bukh, T. Wakita, J. Ball, M. MacDonald, J.-W. Yoon, and J. McFarlane for providing us with reagents. We thank the BioImaging Center Lille-Nord de France for access to instruments. [1]
      We thank Saloua Boubaker, in charge of Health in the office of Academic Works in the northern part of Tunis for stool collection from food handlers. We also thank Amandine Cian (Institut Pasteur of Lille, France) for her cooperation and help to interpret sequencing data. Some of the results also arise from the medical thesis of Nabil Maatoug. [1]
      We thank Sandrine Belouzard (Center for Infection & Immunity of Lille) for critical reading of the manuscript and Sophana Ung for preparing the illustration. [1]
      We thank Sandrine Belouzard, Karin Seron, and Sophana Ung for their technical contribution. We thank Suzanne U. Emerson (National Institutes of Health) and Shoshana Levy (Stanford University) for providing us with reagents. We thank Lydia Linna for proofreading the manuscript. [1]
      We thank Stefan Kurtz for making Vmatch an open source project without licensing requirements. We thank Christine Drevet, Maud Pupin, Luis M. Rodriguez and Lee S. Katz for their help in the previous developments of CRISPRFinder. We are particularly grateful to the SICS team (I2BC), and especially to Cyrille Petat and Pierre-Albert Charbit for the development of the web application. We also acknowledge the constant help and support by Arnaud Martel and Anne-Pascale Jaudier. We thank Mélina Gallopin, David Christiany, Nicolas Villeriot, Nicolas Maillet, Fabrice Leclerc and Emilie Drouineau for helpful comments and for testing the standalone software [1]
      We thank T. Wakita for providing essential reagents. We thank Jean Dubuisson, Priscille Brodin and Frank Lafont for helpful discussion. [1]
      We thank Takaji Wakita for providing essential reagents. We thank François Helle, Stéphane Lobbens, and Cécile Lecoeur for helpful discussions and Marion Giard for technical assistance. We are grateful to Sophana Ung for his assistance with the illustrations. [1]
      We thank the animal facility of Lille University Hospital for the animal care. [1]
      We thank the Animal Resource Center (PLEHTA) and the BICeL flow cytometry core facility of the “Institut Pasteur de Lille”. We also thank the “Plateforme d’Imagerie du vivant” of the “Faculté de Médecine de Lille” for performing the micro MRI and the help for analysis, especially Florent Auger and Nicolas Durieux. We thank Véronique Peucelle and Denise Boutillier (Institut Pasteur de Lille, CIIL Lille, France) for technical assistance. Finally, we want to thank all the « smokers » who actively participated to the CS exposure of the mice. [1]
      We thank the Animal Resource Center at the Lille Pasteur Institute and the BICeL flow cytometry core facility. We thank M. Moroldo (Centre de Ressources Biologiques pour la Génomique des Animaux Domestiques et d'Intérêt Economique, Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique, Jouy-en-Josas, France) for lung transcriptional profilings. We acknowledge J. C. Renauld and L. Dumoutier (Ludwig Institute, Bruxels, Belgium) for the gift of Il22−/− mice, W. Ouyang (Genentech, San Francisco, CA) for the gift of IL-22-Fc, and M. Rosa Calatrava (Centre International de Recherche en Infectiologie, Lyon, France) for the gift of H1N1p. [1]
      We thank the DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) who Granted a six-month scholarship to B.R.T.G. at the University of Hamburg in Germany (Grant Number A/12/90499). We also thank Professor Hartmut Schlüter from the Department of Clinical Chemistry of the Hamburg University Medical Center for the GC and mass spectrometry analysis. [1]
      We thank the Institut Laue-Langevin for beam time on the D22 instrument, and Dr. Phil Callow for local contact during the experiment. We thank Prof. Marc le Maire for helpful discussions. [1]
      We thank the members of the Inserm UMR-S 1250 unit and our collaborators for their helpful comments and insights. We thank the Platform of Cell and Tissue Imaging (PICT) for technical assistance. The drawings were created with [1]
      We thank the populations of the 4 participating neighborhoods of Saint-Louis, especially householders and guardians of children, for their kind support and great collaboration; Mr Simon Senghor, Ms Lydie Bandagny, and Ms Daba Diagne, for their technical support during field study and blood sample collection; Dr Mawlouth Diallo and Dr Ibrahima Dia, for their technical support during entomological data collection. [1]
      We thank William R. Jacobs for providing M. smegmatis mc2874 and M. tuberculosis ΔRD1 strains, Denis A. Mitchison for providing M. tuberculosis strain 79112, and Dick van Soolingen for M. tuberculosis strain Tb36. We thank Louis Jones for setup of the CanettiiList server. Whole-genome sequencing was performed at the Institut Pasteur Genomics Platform, member of the “France Génomique” consortium (ANR10-INBS-09-08). We thank the students of the Institut Pasteur genome analysis course for contributing one M. smegmatis clone for further analysis. [1]
      We thank Yvonne Postma for technical assistance. [1]
      We wish to thank Prs G. Döhring and DE. Ohman for the gift of purified LasB and the PAO1 LasB-deleted strain (PD0240), respectively, and Dr. Gyorgy Fejer (University of Plymouth, United Kingdom) for the kind gift of MPI cells. We acknowledge Mrs. B. Solhonne and V. Balloy for technical assistance, and Drs. M. Chignard, M. Le Gars, D. Descamps, I. Garcia-Verdugo, R. Ramphal, and D. Pidart for useful discussions and advice at the onset of the project. We also thank the Mass Spectrometry Laboratory (Institut Jacques Monod, UMR 7592, Univ Paris Diderot, CNRS, Sorbonne Paris Cité, F-75205 Paris, France) for LC-MS/MS acquisition and analysis. [1]
      We wish to thank the “Plateau Technique de Paléogénomique et Génétique Moléculaire (MNHN, site du Musée de l’Homme) for their technical help [1]
      We would also like to thank Guia Carrara (Inserm) for the English editing of the article. [1]